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Taman Tun Dr.  Ismail

012 306 8982


​I'm a Kuala Lumpur based photographer.  I've been an avid & prolific photographer since I owned my first SLR over 20 years ago.  My passion is in capturing common subjects and moments in order to present them in the most interesting way possible.

Currently we have a large team of truly committed photographers and videographers working with us and we strive to produce and present professional results at all times.  We do corporate functions (launches, company events, company dinners). do take profile photos, we take life events e.g. Weddings, Birthday parties, Announcements, We take portraits e.g. Profile photos, Family portraits, Graduation photos, Food photography, Aerial Photography as well as general commercial photography (e.g. Food Photography, Product Photography, Exterior & Interior Photography)

We are committed to being:-

  • Always professional in our work conduct.

  • Always Delivering our best effort and results

  • Always be clear and fair to our customers

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