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Event Live Feed 

  • For all you video production needs for events, conferences, seminars, launches, weddings, sanding etc.  Engage us for your one stop service solution for professional and uncompromising quality results. Contact us at Live Feed Malaysia for events in KL.

  • Call Now 012 3068982

Internet Live Streaming 

  • Professional Event Broadcasting LIVE via the internet. Turnkey solution from video production all the way to high quality video streaming to anywhere in the world. Call us to setup your internet live streaming event today.


The Complete Video Solution

  • HD Videography

  • Live Feed and multi camera switching

  • Fast editing and video post production

  • Promotional videography or video for archival purposes

  • Full technical consultation, implementation, operation and post production support.

Single Camera Production (SCP)

1 videographer with 1 HD Video Camera covering the event. Video cameras will perform long continuous recording of the event.  Overall coverage will be linear in nature and will be from a single video camera's point of view.  This is best suited where the activity is focus in a single area (e.g. stage presentation) and the footage will be used for archival purposes.


Multi-Camera Production (MCP)


Multiple video cameras will be capturing the action simultaneously in from different angles and perspectives.  e.g. some on tripods taking wide shots, some cameras will be roaming on monopods or stabilizers.  the results would be more interesting videos which show footage from different perspectives and ability to contrast between wide and close-up shots, speaker and audience reactions shots.



Live Projection/Live Feed

An additional setup where cabling is involved to link dedicate videocameras to allow live projection from the cameras to be projected for video by the event participants.

Depending on the requirements Cameras, additional cabling, switchers and projectors need to be procured and set up.  

Each camera will also require a videographer and the switch needs to be manage by a live feed director who switches between cameras as well as computer presentation material for audience viewing


  • SONY PMW-200 HD broadcast quality HD Video camera

  • SONY PWX-X70 4K ready low light capable HD videocamera with HDMI & SDI support in Full HD

  • SONY AX1 low light capable HD videocamera with HDMI support in Full HD

  • Canon 5DMk4 FX DSLR cameras for highlight coverage

  • DJI Ronin electronic stabilizer for production quality moving video coverage

  • DJI Phantom 4 Aerial drones for aerial video coverage

  • GOPRO Hero 4 action cameras for action and unusual angle coverage

  • ZOOM microphone for direct as well as ambient recording

  • Sennheiser wireless transmitters & receivers


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