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What makes us different

  1. We are MINDFUL: 
    We are always very aware of our surroundings and respectful of you, your family, your friends and your places of abode and worship.  


  2. We focus on MOMENTS: 
    We capture Moments. From you quiet moments of anticipation in the morning, the moments for mischievous fun during your games and the moments of joy & love when you finally take your wedding vows, We'll be ready to capture the moment for you to treasure for the rest of your life. 


  3. We shoot in RAW: 
    Ask any photographer, if it was their own wedding they would shoot in RAW format.  We treat your wedding no differently as if it was our own and we do not compromise on the quality of your final result. 


  4. We deliver on TIME: 
    We edit and turn around our photos within 3 weeks. Typically within hours our our shoot we'll share the highlights with you via Facebook to allow you to enjoy your moments with your family and friends immediately.


  5. We don't compromising on EQUIPMENT: 
    We use full frame cameras, we use a large range of pro-lenses. We have back-ups for our cameras, our lenses and our flashes and we make sure that we have the right equipment to cover any scenario within your wedding uncompromisingly


  6. We leverage of our EXPERIENCE: 
    We are passionate about photography and we've been covering wedding almost non-stop every weekend, Malay wedding, Chinese wedding, Temple wedding, Church weddings, we shoot weddings in almost any condition imaginable and adapt to your environment to produce good photographs for your keepsake.

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